Getting your BuddyPress community to the iOS and Android app store: How it works

Our mission at ZippApp is to make getting your community to the iOS and Android app stores an easy and stress free experience. To deliver on this promise, you will have a dedicated Account Mangager, who will walk you through our five step set up and publishing process. Here’s how it works… 

1: Community review. A dedicated account manager reviews your community front end and back. They’ll work with you to ensure your community navigation and interactions are optimised for an app-based experience.

2: App creation. Your community is translated into an iOS and Android app. Advanced publishing tools allow you to review your app before it goes live.

3: Custom development. Using niche plugins? Have a unique user experience? Not a problem. Zipline’s team of developers ensure every aspect of your community is incorporated into your app.

4: Fit and finish. The design of your community is mirrored to your app, ensuring your members have a seamless experience across all platforms. We then optimise the experience by integrating app-based user interactions.

5: Publish. We publish your community app, to your own Android and iOS app store accounts, on your behalf. 

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Life after going live

Publishing your BuddyPress community app to the iOS and Android app stores is just the start. We know your community will grow and evolve. ZippApp is here to grow and evolve your app at the same time. Once your app is live, you will have access to the ZippApp support team. They’ll work with you to make any changes and updates you need to make to your app. 

Ulitmately, our priority at ZippApp is to take care of your community app so you can concentrate on what’s most important; growing and evolving your community. 

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