Frequently Asked Questions

At what point does the monthly fee commence?

The first charge will take place on the date the app goes live in the Android app store. We use this date as we are unable to control issues associated with Apple. See above for our methods to manage Apple release date. The invoice will include a 7 day period to make payment. This will set the billing cycle for the remainer of the relationship.

How long is the development process for the app

App development typically takes between 2-4 weeks. You should plan for 1-2 weeks to pass through the Apple store approval process. Android approval is instant.

Whats the process of getting my community to the iOS and Android app stores?

  • We review your community – check that everything is compatible.
  • This includes installing the ZippApp plugin.
  • We raise any custom development considerations.
  • If you are happy to proceed we take upfront payment; $500 + any custom fee (optional)
  • We work with you to define a core layout for your app; where each element resides, the navigation structures, etc. All based on your priorities and requirements.
  • We define key variables – e.g. what can and what cannot be accessed without logging in.
  • We build your app for you, making it available for testing at the earliest opportunity.
  • We work with you on design and language – getting input on tab and menu names, icons, launch screen design and app icon design.
  • When you are happy, we publish the app on your behalf to the iOS and Android app stores. 

Will all my BuddyPress data be automatically synced with the app?

Yes. The app itself draws directly and adds to your BuddyPress databases. This method ensures the app always stays synchronised with your BuddyPress community and ensures your community remains secure. 

Will the app be submitted to IOS and Google store?

We submit the app on your behalf. What we require is for you to have created an iOS and Android app store account. You give us access to that account and we manage publishing on your behalf. As part of the ongoing service, we also manage any updates to your app. Be it automatic updates we release (to support changes to iOS, Android or BuddyPress) or updates you request for your community.