At Zipline, we’re passionate about helping our customers take their BuddyPress communities to the iOS and Android app stores.

We believe there is more to it than just wrapping their community in a simple theme. No where can this be seen more than with notifications.

BuddyPress comes with its own notification management system. And of course, any app worth a community member’s time will have device notifications built in too. Great. Two methods for managing the same need – keeping members up to date with activity happening within the community.

But there’s more to it than that. It’s vital that one system talks to the other. Without this level of synchronisation, device notifications cannot be removed and the user experience suffers. 

Imagine you’re a community member and someone posts to your wall. You receive an app-based notification and a BuddyPress notification. You ignore the app notification. Happens all the time. That little red dot stays there, but you don’t worry too much about it. Now imagine you you go to the BuddyPress notifications list and clear that notification. It’s vital that red dot gets cleared as well. Otherwise, it will remain forever.    

Thankfully, the team at Zipline have found a fantastic solution to manage notifications through the ZippApp for BuddyPress service. 

With ZippApp for BuddyPress, Community Owners can offer members a full range of handset notification options including:

  • Activity mentions
  • Replies to activity updates
  • Replies to activity comments
  • Mail messages
  • Chat messages
  • And more…

Combined, they allow members to fine tune the messages they want to be alerted to and those they don’t. And importantly, handset notifications are synchronised with the BuddyPress’ core notifications. This ensures members can menage messages where ever they want – be it on the browser, via email or through their custom built, fully featured community app.